Jessica Truelyt



I hope you find something here that resonates with you. And, if you have a story that needs creative expression, let's talk.

Jessica Truelyt creates artwork and ceramic objects for functional use and play. Beautiful things. Weird things. Inspiring things. Healing things. Working in Los Angeles and Joshua Tree, she incorporates the cultural energy of the city with the wealth of surrounding natural environments as inspiration.

The daughter of a luthier, she began sculpting from wood and metal scraps at an early age and hasn't stopped making ever since. She combines the early skills learned in her father's woodshop along with formal education in visual art and design from Azusa Pacific University, Harvard University, and ArtCenter College of Design.

Each piece is formed and assembled by hand using various media—wheelthrown and handbuilt ceramic, traditional weaving and knotting, pen and ink, block printing—using reclaimed and sustainable materials whenever possible. Jessica revels in the Japanese concept of wabi sabi, allowing the materials to be her teachers, embracing the transience and imperfections that make no two pieces exactly alike. 

The feather icon embodies Jessica’s life-long fascination with wind and breath and winged-things and the Greek legend of Icarus, child of the expert craftsman Daedalus.

photo: MELOxDEE Photography