Jessica Truelyt




Breathwork is an active meditation technique harnessing the power of breath to shift consciousness and unlock greater insight into the core self. Using a two-part breathing pattern, you are able to bypass the ego/inner critic and descend into the somatic experience, revealing deep truths and releasing emotion and pain held in the body. By quieting the mind, one can clearly see the deepest fears, blocks, and negative beliefs holding you back from embodying all that you have to offer to the world.

A breathwork session gives you a grounded, guided space to process feelings of loss, discontent, or simply being stuck. It is useful for those who struggle with depression or anxiety because it allows new narratives to overwrite old patterns of negative self-talk and self-doubt. It is a tool for releasing blocks around creativity and opening up to inspiration and our individual creative expression. Set to a musical backdrop, you may laugh, cry—even yell!—as you open your heart and discover a deeper love and connection to yourself.

Jessica has practiced breathwork as a personal healing technique since 2016, using it as a tool for healing, grounding, and to awaken creative flow. The transformational nature of this work compelled her to pursue training as a facilitator of this technique in 2017 to help others heal and connect with their creativity. Studying under Erin Telford and David Elliott, she completed all four levels of training and received her Breathwork Healer Certification in 2018.

Currently, Jessica offers one x one sessions in the Pasadena/eastern Los Angeles area and will be offering group circles in 2019.


Breathwork in an investment in yourself, and I want you to feel confident and supported in the process. So, prior to booking your first private session, let’s chat!

Sign up for a 10-minute consult with me by phone. This call will allow us to cover basic questions you may have about the technique, discuss location and logistics, and clarify goals you have for this work.

Once you’ve completed the Initial Consultation, then you can book a full One x One session.